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Light the candle in the night, and you won’t be afraid of the darkness… but the candle won’t burn forever. 

Two bodys, one made of wax, one made of fire, alone in the shadows, have to stay together. But, in the darkest place, the light will protect them; while the flame is shinning, the shadows shall not pass. 

This is the story of two entities, of two souls with one destiny, and a link stronger than any force: the story of two lovers.

Don’t let the wax melt. Don’t let the flame blown out. Don’t let the shadows end the story.

"This is only the beginning of something bigger… A short experience of survival and thrill, a demo of what it may become."


Special thanks to:
  • Miguel Ángel Cervilla Muros: Story Designer.
  • Mónica Carrasco Pedrero: Translator.
  • Lydia Vicente Lord: Narrator Voice.
  • Elizabeth Blanco Rosales: Flame Voice.
  • Pablo Aragonés Ardila: Wax Voice.

Install instructions

It's highly recommended to use PS4/Xbox Controller, but you can also play with Keyboard and Keypad.

  1. Download.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Play.


Two Lovers (64 bits version) 359 MB
Two Lovers (32 bits version) 357 MB


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Very innovative, It's been a long time since I've seen a indie game where the characters are so dependent on each other. It took a while to get used to playing as both players, but that just added to the gameplay. You have a really good thing going on here. Is there any plans to continue the development of the game? 

Awesome job :)

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing! I really enjoyed your video! :) We cannot keep developing this game because it was made as final project for a degree... but, I will bring it back in a future, I promise.

Really cool concept, the controls for one player take some getting used to, but it provides an interesting challenge.  The jumping mechanics need a little work, they were frustrating.  But I made it through the demo, and can't wait to see where this game goes.  Great job!

Thanks a lot for playing, we will keep working on this! :)